Ikeda Shingen

Steel wrought in battle, man and horse as one bringing, the crash of thunder


Akodo Bushi

Insight 150 Honour 6.6
Insight Rank 2 Glory 4.1
XP 65/65 Status 3.0
Earth 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Air 2 Reflexes 2 Awareness 2
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3
Void 2

Void Points: O O

Skill Rank Trait Emphasis Roll School Skill? Anything Special?
Battle 2 Mass Combat Per 5k3 Y Bugei
Defense 1 Ref 3k2 Y Bugei
Kenjutsu 3 Katana Agi 6k3 Y +1k0 damage, Bugei
Kyujutsu 1 Ref 3k2 Y Bugei
Lore:History 1 Int 4k3 Y
Sincerity 1 Awa 3k2 Y
Horsemanship 3 Agi 6k3 Y Bugei
Investigation 1 Per 4k3 N -1k0 to sight rolls (Bad Eyesight)
Lore:War 1 Int 4k3 N
Iaijutsu 1 Varies N Bugei
Games:Shogi 2 Int 5k3 N
Games:Fortunes & Winds 1 Int 4k3 N
Polearms 1 Agi 4k3 N Bugei
Animal Handling 2 Awa 4k2 N
Calligraphy 1 Cipher Int 4k3 N
Engineering 1 Int 4k3 N
War Fans 1 Agi 4k3 N Bugei
Etiquette 3 Awa 5k2 N +3 to Insight

+5 to TN of all Agility and Reflexes unless Mounted – Riding Armour
+1k0 to all Bugei skills while Mounted – Ikoma Warden
+1k0 to all Bugei skills (except Iaijutsu) – Akodo

Initiative: 4k2
Armour TN: 27
Reduction: 4

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank
Healthy (+0) 10
Nicked (+0) 14
Grazed (+2) 18
Injured (+7) 22
Hurt (+12) 26
Crippled (+17) 30
Down (+37) 34
Out 38
Attack Roll to hit Damage roll Range
Katana 6k3 7k2
Wakazashi 6k3 6k2 20’
Yumi 4k2 3k2 250’
Naginata 4k3 6k2 250’
Advantages Value Disadvantages Value
Strength of the Earth 3 Idealistic 3
Tactician 4 Haunted 3
Ancestor:Akodo 12 Bad Eyesight 3

Heritage: Strong Ancestral Bloodline, take Ancestor for 2 less XP.

Inventory: Riding Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daishou, Naginata, Traveling Pack

Unit Inventory: 3 Weeks of rations, 5 Tents, 4 Ponies, 4 Suits of light armour for armour repair parts, 4 Polearms, 4 Daisho sets, 4 Yumis, 80 willow leaf arrows, Cooking utensils

Koku 5 Bu 0 Zeni 0

1 koku = 5 bu = 50 keni

Insight Rank Technique
1 The Way of the Lion: Bushi of the Akodo School hone their fury until it is as precise as a blade. You may either ignore the portion of an opponent’s Armour TN derived from Armour, or gain a Free Raise while attacking. (You do not ignore Reduction from the Armour while choosing the first option.) Also, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls on your first melee attack against an opponent in a skirmish, or against any opponent who has declared a Raise on an attack against you since your last turn. You add only a total of 1k0 for an enemy who Raised against you, no matter how many times they actually Raised.
2 To Race the Wind: A true warden understands that mounted warfare is as natural as fighting among the glorious Lion infantry. When Mounted, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to all Bugei Skill Rolls. Additionally, when spending a Void Point to augment a Horsemanship or Investigation Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +2k2 instead of +1k1.

Ikeda Shingen

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