Ikoma Junji

Pragmatic and practical, she cares not for honour


Lion’s Shadow

Insight 132 Honour 4.0
Insight Rank 1 Glory 3.3
XP 65/0 Status 3.0
Earth 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 4
Water 2 Strength 2 Perception 3
Fire 2 Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Void 2

Void Points: O O

Skill Rank Trait Emphasis Roll School Skill? Anything Special?
Courtier 1 Awa 5k4 Y +5TN to socialise with shugenja and monks (Disbeliever)
Etiquette 2 Awa 6k4 Y +5TN to socialise with shugenja and monks (Disbeliever)
Investigation 1 Notice Per 4k3 Y +1k1 to notice ambushes (Wary)
Kenjutsu 1 Agi 4k3 Y
Sincerity 1 Awa 5k4 Y
Sleight of Hand 1 Agi 4k3 Y
Stealth 2 Agi 5k3 Y +1k0 (Silent)
Battle 1 Per 4k3 N +/-5 on the battle table (Tactician)
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 6k4 N

+5 to TN of all Athletics and Stealth rolls – Light Armour

Initiative: 5k4
Armour TN: 25
Reduction: 3

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank
Healthy (+0) 10
Nicked (+3) 14
Grazed (+5) 18
Injured (+10) 22
Hurt (+15) 26
Crippled (+20) 30
Down (+40) 34
Out 38
Attack Roll to hit Damage roll Range
Katana 4k3 5k2
Wakazashi 4k3 4k2 20’
Yumi 6k4 4k2 250’
Advantages Value Disadvantages Value
Luck 3 Disbeliever 3
Read Lips 4 Greedy 3
Silent 3 Gullible 4
Tactician 2
Wary 3

Heritage: Ancestor was a noble warrior; +0.5 Honour and Status.

Inventory: Traditional Clothing, Daisho, Calligraphy Set, Traveling Pack, 10 personal items.

Unit Inventory: 3 Weeks of rations, 5 Tents, 4 Ponies, 4 Suits of light armour for armour repair parts, 4 Polearms, 4 Daisho sets, 4 Yumis, 80 willow leaf arrows, Cooking utensils

Koku 5 Bu 0 Zeni 0

1 koku = 5 bu = 50 keni

Insight Rank Technique
1 No Boundaries: Those who walk the path of Ikoma choose a life of self-sacrifice and questionable actions in order to serve the clan as their founder did. You do not lose Honor for using Low Skills if they are used directly for the goals or glory of the Lion Clan (subject to GM judgement). As a Free Action you may target a number of opponents equal to your School Rank; you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls and Contested Rolls made against these opponents. This bonus may be activated a number of times per day equal to your School Rank, and lasts until the end of the day.

Ikoma Junji

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