Mass Battle Heroic Opportunities

Heroic Opportunities

A Clear Shot (CR)

The lines break, and you have a clear shot at the leader of the opposing army with a ranged attack!

The TN of the shot should depend on the commander and his armour TN, but given the chaotic nature of battle, it should be no less than 30. A successful hit is worth 4 Glory, even if a killing shot in unlikely. If the shot is successful, the enemy general suffers a penalty of -5 to his next Battle Roll.

Attack the Archers (CR)

Suddenly, your character sees a path that leads directly to the reserves of the enemy army. You have an opportunity to attack their archers, allowing reinforcements to charge.

If the attack against the archers (which is a skirmish) is successful, then the opposing general suffers a – 5 to his next Battle Turn, and the character conducting the attack gains 2 Glory.

Attack the Shugenja (CR)

A break opens in the battle and you have the opportunity to attack the reserves. The enemy shugenja suddenly stop their rituals as you charge into their ranks!

A successful attack on an opposing shugenja, whilst dangerous, can be the key to victory. The loss of such a vital resource results in the opposing general suffering a penalty of -5 to his next Battle roll. The attacking character gains 3 Glory. Because of the relative scarcity of shugenja, it is considered honourable to allow them a chance to surrender. Doing so gains you 2 Honour, regardless of whether they accept or decline.

Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves (CR)

You see a samurai cut down one of your kinsman. You may spend the rest of this battle seeking that samurai.

If your character chooses to pursue his enemy, he must enter the same level of engagement as him and succeed on a contested Battle/Perception roll to locate him. If the character fails, the enemy eludes him. If he succeeds, the character may immediately initiate the Show Me Your Stance Opportunity. If the character chooses not to pursue his enemy, then the GM can ignore the contested roll.

Break the Line (CR)

You receive the command to charge the enemies front line!

The character must engage 2-4 Rank 2 samurai to engage the front line. The character must immediately move to the Heavily Engaged level. During the next Battle Turn, reduce the characters roll by 2, but add 3 to his generals Battle roll. The character gains 3 Glory.

Corrupted Brothers [Shadowlands] (SaF)

A damning power of the Shadowlands has corrupted an entire unit of your allies. They have turned upon their own side and are wreaking havoc, advancing toward your army’s Command Staff and reserves.

This is the opposite of an Escort Mission. If you pursue the corrupted soldiers, you must stop them before they reach your Reserves (they will start at Heavily Engaged and move back one Engagement Level each Battle Round). Until you manage to kill them all, each ally on your side of the battle moves up one Engagement Level each Battle Round as the enemy pushes into the lines. If you do succeed in defeating them before they reach the Reserves, you gain one point of Glory for each soldier defeated. If you fail, your commander suffers a -3k3 penalty to all later Battle Rolls. The GM chooses how many and how strong to make the corrupted soldiers, depending on how intense he wants this challenge to be.

Escort Mission (SaF)

A high profile ally of your clan is trapped amid desperate fighting and her yojimbo has fallen.

You may choose to offer protection to the ally and escort them from Heavily Engaged to Reserves. If successful, you gain Glory points equal to the target’s Status Rank, and also
gain the Ally advantage with that NPC, with at least 2 points of Devotion.

Few Against Many (CR)

You watch as an ally charges into the midst of battle. His fate is sealed as enemies surround him, unless someone comes to his aid.

Treat this opportunity as a skirmish between 3-6 samurai of a Rank one lower than the character (to a minimum of one). If the characters ally survives, then the character gains 3 Glory and possibly the Allies Advantage at the GM’s discretion.

Fighting Street to Street [City Fighting] (SaF)

You find yourself in a tight alley, buildings crumbling or burning all around, facing off against a full contingent of enemy soldiers.

This Opportunity functions similarly to Hold This Ground, but is more dangerous. You must face three times your number (or your unit’s number) of enemy opponents of equal Insight Rank or higher (+4 opponents if Heavily Engaged). If successful, your general receives a +1k1 bonus to his Battle Roll and you gain 8 points of Glory.

Fire the Sails (CR)

One certain way to attack a ship is to burn its sails and render it immobile. You may accomplish this with a well-placed flaming arrow.

The TN of this shot depends on the distance between the ships. A successful shot renders the enemy ship immobile until a new sail can be hung, and reduces the opposing generals next Battle roll by 3.

Follow the Commander (SaF)

Your commander (or an elite unit specific to your clan) charges forward. As they do, a few of their number fall and one turns to you, beckoning you to join them.

You become Heavily Engaged for the remainder of the battle. If you survive alongside the elite unit or commander, you double all Glory gains for the battle. In addition, you gain the
recognition of the leader of the unit and may be invited to permanently join.

For the Empire (CR)

The hideous creatures you face seem unfazed by the deaths of so many in their ranks, pressing forward despite heavy losses. Suddenly, you notice a Shadowlands warrior, shouting orders to the foul creatures. Perhaps the death of their leader will have more of an impact…

The character may fight a Lost samurai of one insight rank higher than him, a minor oni or any other corrupted foe the GM prefers. If the battle is successful, the character gains 3 Glory, and the opposing general suffers a penalty of -5 to his next Battle roll.

Friendly Fire (SaF)

The battlefield is fraught with distraction. Perhaps you are fighting at night, in a dense fog, amid heavy rain, or some other obscuring condition. In the middle of a skirmish you realize you are engaged in heated combat with soldiers of your own army.

You are fighting a skirmish with samurai on your side, and the others are in a desperate rage, unable to tell you are an ally. The foes Full Attack every Round of the skirmish. If you end up killing them, you lose 4 points of Honor and must explain your actions or live with the disgrace. Alternatively, you can withdraw (opening yourself up to accusations of cowardice) or try to get through to them with rolls of Sincerity to convince them to stop before they kill you.

Hold this Ground (CR)

Your commander tells you to hold the line! If you and your troops can hold your ground, you can bring great honour and glory to your Clan.

The character and the unit he is with must hold the line against enemy forces. If they are engaged, they must face a number of opponents equal to their number plus 2, and gain 2 glory if successful. If Heavily engaged, then this number is increased by a further 2, and the glory gain increases to 4.

Join the Battle (CR)

In your position in the army’s reserves, you see a flaw in the enemy generals strategy. Perhaps now is the time to bring your strength to the battle!

The character can choose to move to Disengaged.If he chooses to do so, he immediately re-rolls on the Mass Battle table, with no modifiers to the roll.

Overwhelm (CR)

You and your troops see an enemy commander in the midst of the battle, with no guardians, separated in the chaos of battle. Though it would not be the most honourable thing to do, overwhelming him might give your army an advantage.

The character and any in his unit who wish may face a samurai of Insight Rank 3 or 4. If the opportunity is successful, then the opposing general suffers a -5 to his next Battle Roll.

Pick up the Banner (CR)

You see the banner bearer fall to arrows. You have the opportunity to carry the army’s banner, boosting your army’s morale. However, the banner bearer is a choice target for enemy soldiers.

The samurai that accepts the burden and carries the army’s banner will be attacked by many samurai and archers during every Battle turn until his abandons it. During every Battle turn that the character bears it, his general gains a bonus of +3 to his Battle Roll.

Protect the General (CR)

You suddenly come across the armys general, who has lost his personal guard. The general commands you to stand at his side and protect him from attack. You must follow him wherever he goes (some generals are more courageous than others)

Direct this characters level of engagement for the rest of the battle. During every battle turn, this character gains 1 Glory.

Rally the Archers (CR)

The army’s archers are in disarray. You must regroup your ranged troops and ready them to fight once more.

The PC must use inspirational words and a Perform: Oratory/Awareness at a TN of 20 to succeed. If he succeeds, his general gains +5 to his next battle roll, and the character gains 1 point of Glory. If he fails or refuses the opportunity, his general suffers a penalty of -5 to his next Battle Roll.

Ramming Speed (CR)

The captain of your boat suddenly calls out ‘Ramming speed!’. You must brace yourself to board an enemy ship as your ship enters the thick of battle.

If the character accepts this opportunity, he must place himself in the Heavily Engaged category. The character fights 1-4 samurai one Rank lower than him. The character gains 1 point of glory.

Save a Sacred Site [City Fighting] (SaF)

A site, item, or individual sacred to the city is in danger of destruction or looting. You must defend it.

A sacred shrine or temple, famous holding, or an item of specific note to the city is being assaulted by the enemy forces – or, perhaps, being looted by your own side. If it is lost or destroyed your army’s morale will suffer and your general will suffer a -1k1 penalty to his Battle rolls for the rest of the engagement. If you are able to defend the site, item, or person, you gain a full Rank of Glory. While attempting to defend, you are Heavily Engaged and must fight 3-6 enemies of your Insight Rank or higher. Note that this Opportunity works best when it is personalized to the battle. Also, note that this Opportunity can easily be switched to serve as “Unheroic” (see below).

Save a Wounded Comrade (CR)

In the midst of battle, you notice a kinsman has fallen! You have an opportunity to save him.

Whilst saving his comrade, the character cannot undergo any other Heroic opportunities. Each Battle Turn, the character faces 2 to 3 Rank 1 or 2 opponents. If the character successfully defends his comrades life, he gains an additional point of Glory every Battle Turn (and the comrade may wish to bestow gifts in return for his life).

Save a Wounded Opponent (CR)

Between breaths you notice a wounded enemy. He calls out for you to help him. You may ignore him without penalty (he is acting cowardly after all), but if you aid him,he will be morally obliged to you. The opponent could also be used as a valuable hostage in negotiations with the enemy.

The character must move to the Reserves as quickly as possible. He gains no bonuses for completing this opportunity.

Save our Ship (CR)

_Your ship has been the target of enemy fire throughout the entire battle, and you find out that is has suffered structural damage. In a few minutes it will sink, and without warning, your crewmates will die. You must warn the others and help them off the ship. _

If the character successfully saves the lives of his crewmates, he gains 3 Glory.

Shadowlands Madness (CR)

The curse of the Shadowlands Taint falls upon those by your side and they fall to the ground, screaming. A few seconds later, they rise again- an unholy gleam in their eyes.

The character must fight 1-4 Tainted samurai of equal rank to himself (if heavily engaged) or of one rank lower (if engaged).The character gains 1 Glory for succeeding. If the character fails this opportunity, then his general has a -3 to his next Battle roll.

Show Me Your Stance! (CR)

An enemy commander loudly notices you and challenges you to a duel.

If the character accepts, initiate a duel against a samurai of rank 2 or 3. If the character wins, he gains 1 point of glory for each rank of glory his opponent had. In addition, if the character succeeds, his general gains a bonus of +2 to his next Battle roll.

Stop the Summoning [Shadowlands] (SaF)

A group of Maho-Tsukai is summoning an oni or casting some other powerful and dangerous Maho spell. You must stop them or all is lost.

The Maho-Tsukai will finish their ritual at the end of the next Battle Round. If any one of them is still alive, terrible devastation will be brought upon your army. You must become Heavily Engaged and face a number of Maho-Tsukai (each of Insight Rank 3 or 4) equal to your unit’s size +2 (this number may also include bodyguards or monsters protecting the Maho-Tsukai). If successful, you gain 6 points of Glory and the opposing general has
a penalty of -1k1 to his next Battle Roll. If you fail, your commander suffers a -3k3 penalty to all his remaining Battle Rolls. (Note that this Heroic Opportunity can also work in a non Shadowlands battle if the GM substitutes a powerful Elemental spell for the Maho.)

Wedge (SaF)

You are sent to be the spearhead of a wedge formation driving deep into enemy forces.

For the duration of this Opportunity you are considered Heavily Engaged no matter your actual level of Engagement. You drive forward each Round towards the enemy Reserves. If you make it through (GM’s choice of how many Rounds this takes), the opposing general receives a -2k2 penalty to his next Battle roll and you gain 5 points of Glory.

Mass Battle Heroic Opportunities

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