Matsu Satono

Fled from certain death, Honour marred by failure, An end he now seeks.


Matsu Satono
Matsu Bushi 1 / Deathseeker

Insight 136 Honour 7.1
Insight Rank 1 Glory 3.4
XP 65/65 Status 1.0 (3.5 amongst Deathseekers)
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Air 2 Reflexes 2 Awareness 2
Water 3 Strength 4 Perception 3
Fire 2 Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Void 2

Void Points: O O

Skill Rank Attribute Emphasis Roll School Skill? Anything Special?
Battle 2 Perception 5k3 Y May add or subtract 5 on Mass Battle Rolls (Tactician)
Jiujutsu 1 Agility 4k3 Y +1k0 while in Full Attack (Deathseeker)
Kenjutsu 3 Agility Katana 6k3 Y
Kyujutsu 1 Reflexes 3k2 Y
Lore: History 1 Intelligence 3k2 Y
Iaijutsu 1 Awareness/Void/Reflexes 3k2 Y
War Fan 3 Agility 6K3 Y Off-hand penalties do not apply (Mastery Ability)
Polearm 1 Agility 4k3
Defense 1 Reflexes 3k2
Lore: Bushido 1 Intelligence 3k2
Lore: Heraldry 1 Intelligence 3k2

+5 to TN of all Athletics and Stealth rolls – Light Armour

Armour TN: 20 (21 when wielding Katana and Tessen)
Reduction: 3

Wound Rank Maximum Wounds per Rank Current Wounds
Healthy (+0) 15 -
Nicked (+0) 6 -
Grazed (+2) 6 -
Injured (+7) 6 -
Hurt (+12) 6 -
Crippled (+17) 6 -
Down (+37) 6 -
Out 6 -
Attack Roll to hit Roll to hit (Full Attack) Damage roll
Katana 6k3 9k4 8k2
Tessen 6k3 9k4 4k1
Bisento 4k3 7k4 7k3

Kenjutsu – The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0.

Advantages Value Disadvantages Value
Great Destiny 5 Dishonoured 5
Strength of the Earth 2 Idealistic 3
Tactician 2

Dishonoured – Fled a losing battle against a General’s orders.

Heritage: Ancestor was a noble warrior – +0.5 Honour and Status (No effect to status due to Dishonoured).

Inventory: Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Bisento, Travelling Pack, Tessen

Insight Rank Technique
1 Deathseeker Alternate Path – Honour of the Lion. Deathseekers redeem their dishonoured names by falling in the thick of battle. You gain the benefit, Skills, Honour and Outfit of a Rank 1 Lion Bushi (Matsu Berserker). You may add your Honour Rank to one damage roll during your turn. If you do so, your armour TN is reduced by 5 until the Reactions stage of the following Combat Round. Additionally, you add +1k0 to attack rolls while in Full Attack Stance.

Ancestors’ anger
More ferocious than battle
Is what I suffer

No matter the wound
I am that which cannot die
Despite death’s embrace

Atonement I seek
And Bushido I become
Death is what I deal

Learn from my mistake
Seek the end that I cannot
Doomed to die old

Matsu Satono

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