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    h2. Season For War The Emerald Empire, 1126. The Clan War is in full swing, and nowhere is the song of battle more clearly heard than the central plains of the Lion. Shamed by the bitter loss of the ruling Akodo family and still bitter from the …

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    [[Akodo's _Leadership_, and the Ten Orders]] [[Army]] [[Background to the Clan War]] [[Battlefield Conduct and Forbidden Tactics]] [[Commissions, and Initial Orders]] [[Mass Battle Heroic Opportunities]] [[Rokugani Military Tactics]]

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    h2. The Lion Third Army, Twelfth Legion, Special Task Force Chui: Kitsu Hikaru 1st Squadron Matsu Satono (Gunso) 20 Deathseekers 2nd Squadron Ikoma Bunrei (Gunso) 20 Bushi 3rd Squadron Ikoma Taiden (Gunso) 20 Spearmen 4th Squadron …