Commisions and Initial Orders

At some point before the game, each of you will receive a sealed scroll via military courier, written according to this formula. It will be on reasonably thick paper, and the calligraphy is very neat and well made out.

“Greetings to you {your name here}-Kun. I hope this communique finds you well.

I write on behalf of my lord and commander, Ikoma Gempei-sama, Rikugunshokan of the Third Army of the Lion Clan, trusted servant of the Clan Champion, Matsu Tsuko, master of the Golden Lion style, etc etc.

On behalf of my lord, and on behalf of the Lion Clan,I must inform you that have been appointed to the office of Gunso in my Lord Gempei-sama’s army, serving in the company of Chui Kitsu Mettai. I offer my congratulations on your appointment, and hope your career is a glorious and distinguished one. Please find enclosed within this scroll your orders, effective immediately.

Ikoma Tetsumai
Karo to Rikugunshokan Ikoma Gempei."

Written on a seperate piece of paper (which is less thick, but no less neatly written) are your orders, which are fairly brusque, consisting of;

“{your name here} – kun.

You are to rendezvous at the Castle of the Swift Sword in Kitsu lands within the next 3 weeks. I shall hold an introductory meeting then to familiarise myself with all of you as my officers, and there issue further orders as to our unit’s first assignment.Your unit is being marched there as we speak, so there is no need to worry about gathering forces.

Till then, I wish you a safe journey, and I shall see you when you arrive.

Glory to the ancestors,

Kitsu Mettai
Chui, Lion 3rd Army. "

Commisions and Initial Orders

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